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Ocean Container Specifications

This guide lists and illustrates the average internal /external dimensions and weight limitation of the containers in use today and was taken from TIS (Transport Information Service). Exact dimensions, loading capacity and weight limitations will vary by manufacturer and carrier rules and regulations.
Container Type CBM Weight (Kgs) Inner Dimensions (mm)
Max Gross Tare Max Payload L B H
20’ Standard Dry 33.2 30,480 2,250 28,230 5,895 2,350 2,392
40’ Standard Dry 67.7 30,480 3,780 26,700 12,029 2,350 2,392
40’ High Cube Dry 76.3 30,480 4,020 26,460 12,024 2,350 2,697
20’ Open Top Container 32.5 30,480 2,350 28,130 5,897 2,350 2,377
40’ Open Top Container 65.5 30,480 3,810 26,670 12,029 2,342 2,376
20’ Collapsible Flatrack 33,000 2,600 30,400 5,950 2,428 2,270
40’ Collapsible Flatrack 45,000 5,700 39,300 12,060 2,365 2,245
20’ Platform 30,480 2,520 27,960 6,058 2,438 370*
40’ Platform 45,000 5,700 39,300 12,192 2,245 648*
20’ Ventilated 33.5 30,480 2,400 28,080 5,888 2,325 2,392
20’ Refrigerated 26.4 24,000 2,550 21,450 5,724 2,286 2,014
40’ Refrigerated 60.6 30,480 3,850 26,630 11,840 2,286 2,120
20’ Tank 30,480 4,190 26,290 6,058# 2,438 # 2,438 #

* Floor Height        |        # Outer Dimensions

Collapsible Flat rack
Ventilated Container
Tank Container
Refrigerated Container

Common Conversion Units
1 mm = 0.001 meter
1 cm = 0.01 meter
1 inch = 0.0254 meter
1 foot = 0.3048 meter

Open top container
Dry Container
Calculating Volume - CBM (Cubic Meter)

CBM is a measure of the space occupied by the cargo in the container
Formula: CBM = L x B x H x No of Cartons
L = Length of carton in m,
B = Breadth of carton in m
H = Height of carton in m

Air Freight Container Specifications

Classificati onIATA ULD CodeSuitable forInt. Vol. (cu.m)Max. gross wt(Kg)
LD-1AKC ContouredB747, B767, B777, MD-114.81,588
LD-2DPE ContouredB7673.41,225
LD-3AKE ContouredA300, A310, A330, A340, B747, B767, B777, DC-10, MD-11, L10114.31,588
Insulated LD-3RKNA300, A310, A330, A340, B747, B767, B777, DC-10, MD-11, L101131,588
LD-4ALP RectangularB767, B7775.72,449
LD-6ALF ContouredA300, A310, A330, A340, B747, B777, DC-10, MD-11, L10118.93,175
LD-7XAW P1P Pallet with fixed angle wings & netWide body: All aircraft14*5,000
LD-9AAP Enclosed Pallet on P1P baseA300, A310, A330, A340, B747, B767, DC-10, MD-11, L10119.14,624 / 6,000 #
LD-11ALP RectangularA300, A310, A330, A340, B747, B777, DC-10, MD-11, L10117.23,176
A-2DAAB747, B747F, DC8, DC10, A300/F12.66,033

* Maximum volume with overhang        |        # Lower deck / Main deck

Air Freight Container Specifications

This list of airfreight containers, also called as Unit Load Devices (ULD), illustrates the average external dimensions and weight limitations of the primary containers in use today.
Exact dimensions and weight limitations will vary by manufacturer and availability will vary
by air carrier and trade lane

Calculating Volumetric Weight – For Consignments by Air
The volumetric weight reflects the density of a package. A less dense item occupies more volume of space compared to a higher density package of the same weight. The shipment cost is calculated based on the volumetric weight or the actual weight whichever is higher.  
Formula: Volume weight = L x B x H x No of Carton
L = Length of carton in cm
B = Breadth of carton in cm
H = Height of carton in cm


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The Air Waybill (AWB) is the title document for commodities travelling by air and is a non-negotiable, Commercial invoice. A packing list is a list of the contents of a box that completes the details on the invoice that the sender must issue, Authorization for customs clearance.

Yes, we could argue that ocean freight is one of the cheapest options available for international shipments. It is roughly ten times more affordable compared to air freight. Best suited for stable supply chain requirements.

The Procedure is on a general layer divided into two stages-Arrival of goods and methods before lodgement of goods and the Procedure for clearance of Imported Goods. Both stages have a lot of paperwork involved.

In multimodal transport, a single contract governs the ent. In intermodal transport, there are several contracts at the same time.

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